EzMask Support Frame

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Wearing a Face Mask all day is not easy & can make breathing feel more difficult. The ezMask support frame makes it more comfortable to wear the mask for longer periods of time.

Size: Suitable for Adults & Children above 7 Years

Customer Speak 



More Space for Breathing: ezMask Frame holds up the fabric around the mouth to create better airflow making it easy to breathe & talk for long hours. 

Ideal Saver for Makeup: Prevents the fabric to not stick to the lipstick, protecting your perfect makeup from being messed up.

Safe & Reusable: Food grade silicone material is safe, washable, and reusable.



Improves Hygiene: Saliva when exposed to air, breeds germs. The bracket reduces the friction frequency between fabric and your face to protect the lining from getting stained by saliva.



Soft and Comfortable: Made of soft food-grade silicone that is safe and comfortable on your skin for hours together.

3D Contour Design: Fits perfectly on the nose bridge, making it easy to Breathe & Talk with the mask on.


Note: Make sure you wear a Mask large enough to cover your Face & Mouth without any Gap, even while using the Support Frames


How do I attach the frame to my mask?

Most of our customers prefer to just friction fit the frame between their face & the mask. But you could also try the following

- There are two little clips on the frame simply clip them into the fold inside the mask or

- Use double-sided tape to stick it into your mask, you could also sew it into your homemade mask.